Our Starters

  • snacks

Stick meat £2.00

Freshly prepared stick meat suitable for your taste bud!!!

  • snacks

Puff Puff (5 pieces) £2.00

Deep fried dough

  • snacks

MoiMoi (Beans Cake) £1.50

Steamed Blended Beans with Pepper & Cooked With Boiled Egg

  • snacks

Meat Pie £2.00

Made of Flour With Miced Meat, Potatoes & Carrot, Well Seasoned to taste

  • snacks

Scotch Egg £1.00

Sausage Meal Wrapped Boiled Egg

  • snacks

Fish Pie £2.00

Made of Flour with shredded Fish, Potatoes & Celery

  • snacks

Fish Roll / Meat Roll £1.50

Pastry Roll Containing Fish / Miced Meat

Gizzard Stick £2.00

Chicken Gizzard Skewers With Pepper

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